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Friday, November 28, 2014

Ferendi Watch x LIS

Ferendi watches are a good choice for those who want a stylish but affordable watch to buy. There is a variety of styles for men and women and my opinion is tha you should at least take a look. 
I wear mine and i feel comfortable with it . And this is my fair opinion . I want to tell you only what i really believe about products. When i do not like something usually i am not writing about it. It is so simple. I try to put only products i try and like. Just to inform you about that. 
Anyway , let's get back to ferendi . I tried it , loved it ..You should do to :)
Kisses !xoxo!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Tidestore.com: Shop online, get inspired!

Hello lifeinstylers ! Another shop is along the way.  Tidestore.com is an online fashion destination where you can find a variety of products.
They keep abreast with the latest trends in fashion clothes, offering fashionable clothes of good quality at the most reasonable price for everyone in the world. All the clothing are made from the top quality materials and go through rigorous inspection.
Tidestore.com offers a quick-and-easy online purchasing process in addition to offering all of our clients a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team.
 I know that many of you are looking at the most wonderful dress for Christmas. Here you can take a look at the dress section. Believe me they are amazing! AndI picked my favorite ones.
And only for you it has a Cyber Monday Sales! On 1st of December it is a shopping day with up to 90% off!!! There are many choice for you to choose during 2014 Cyber Monday at Tidestore, including shirts, blazers, blouses, skirts, pants, sexy lingerie, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, boots, flats, prom shoes, pumps, women’s tops and so on, we want to supply our customer the best discount of all our fashion items at 2014 Cyber Monday deals.
Up to 90% Off at 2014 Cyber Monday, it’s right, there is also a big surprise when you receive the item, you can take photo when you wear it, then send the photo to  buyershow@tidestore.com, you would get at least 5$ coupon, so shopping 2014 Cyber Monday deals at Tidestore would be your best choice, enjoy your shopping!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Press Event: Benetton New collection for Spring 2015

Hello lifeinstylers ! I present to you the new collection of Benetton for the Spring 2015 !Hoorayyyy! It is a bit early , i know - but the weather does not seem to take things seriously . It drives us crazy . Anyway , the collection was fantastic , the women collection was really feminime , see the pink dress below -which by the way i loved it ! From the men's collection i loved the jacket and the pair of trousers below.
In this event myfellow blogger  Angelina Stroumpouli from Just Angelina was there too!  Last but not least , i went there with our new editor in Spoiled magazine , Sofia Xulia who is such a nice girl !See her articles at our magazine HERE. 
And remember , read Spoiled magazine ! :P New things are along the way ....

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cheap lace wedding dresses from dressv.com

I know the moments when we imagine our marriage and what wedding dress we are going to wear and how it is gonna be.
Sometimes I am thinking of how I will look like wearing a wedding dress; other times I am thinking of searching a wedding dresses; some other times I am thinking that is really too early to think of these moments. I am scared sometimes, I do not know why. Maybe I am not ready. I do not know, but looking at these wedding dresses from dressv.com i really want to get married!
 Anyway, I am going to introduce you an online destination where you can see dresses, wedding dresses and other beautifulthings and imagine your wedding. There are moments like this time that I love watching the wedding dresses and other beautiful dresses and imagine myself in.
 Welcome to dressv.com, one of leading suppliers of wedding & special occasion dresses. They keep abreast with the latest trends in bridal fashion, offering fashionable dresses of good quality at the most reasonable price for every bride in the world. All the dresses are made from the top quality materials. Unlike our competitors, dressv.com has truly taken out the hassle of international trade—from product sourcing, secure payment and shipping.

Are you still waiting? Imagine! Dress v is here for you!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Weddingshe.com:Looking for a dress for Christmas?

Hello lifeinstylers ! I am continuing the search of new e-shops for you. This time i found Weddingshe.com , an online shopping destination for wedding and special occasion dresses. You can find a dress that is more your style or you can find a celebrity's dress.Yes i am not kidding .You want Blake Lively's dress? you can find it on Weddinshe.com ! 
Following the latest trends in fashion Weddingshe.com offers a wide range of cocktail dresses in different designs, variety of fabrics such as sequins, lace, mesh and oth/s. Weddinshe.com has a variety of "Designer Prom Dresses" and "2015 Latest Prom Dresse" . As one of the e-commerce pioneers in the field of international business, Weddingshe.com provides hundreds of dedicated products for global shoppers. 
With the corporate slogan, "Trend-setting, high speed worldwide shipping" and an efficient international delivery system, it can collect superior products and provide the better and faster online shopping service for our clients.
  Weddingshe has seen accelerating growth rate year by year. Moreover, if you want to find a beautiful wedding dress, wedding shoes you can really search this online shop. I was amazed by 2 wedding dresses as you can see below . They are really amazing and fashionable. I am going to let you see for yourself and make a search on the site , looking at all kinds of dresses and wedding shoes . I am really amazed by all these pieces. You can search for yourself .
I am waiting for your thoughts !