Turn to casual-ity !

          These clothes are way more comfortable!I do not usually wear gym trousers  . I  love the gym pair of trousers by donna karan new york and this pink burberry jacket the most comfortable ones! I have them from when i finished school and i have not worn them too often. I am looking like when i was 18 ...don't you think ? I was brunnette my physical colour and i will definately go back to that colour again cause it is who i am !I am not blonde i am brunnette so sometime i will go back to that(maybe tomorrow ,maybe much later)  , now i enjoy my blonde!

       Πόσο έχω πεθυμήσει το casual ντύσιμο...Mετα απο μια πολυ κουραστικη μέρα δεν είχα και πολλά περιθώρια . Αθλητικά πολύ σπάνια φοράω όπως και φόρμες. Συνήθως όταν φοράω φόρες δε φοράω αθλητικά φοράω μπαλαρίνες γιατί έτσι αισθάνομαι οτι δεν είναι και τόσο αθλητικό το ντύσιμο απλά η φόρμα είναι σαν παντελόνι .


                                                gym trousers by DONNA KARAN NEW YORK
                                                              pink jacket by BURBERRY
                                                                      t-shirt by ZARA
                                                             bag by LOUIS VUITTON
                                                                     ballarinas by H&M
                                                                   black jacket by ZARA
                                                              ring by H&M , SWAROVSKI
                                                            t-shirt by zara (present from my bf)



Reous said...

gia akoma mia fora awesome!
latreuo to daxtulidi-ska8ari ;p

Fashionable Rose said...

i love casual clothing!! when u wear comfy clothes you feel so much better !!
i think you look great with blond hair!! :) but i am sure you will look lovely with your natural colour as well xx


thank you reous !thank you fashionable rose ...i agree with what you said about casual clothes !

Anonymous said...

My house is my castle.