Best of 2011

Hello to everyone , 2012 is here   and i am starting to remember my 2011 moments .This year was a simple year but very productive cause even if i did not have  the ''goings out'' so much i was studying for getting my degree  .I had so many lessons to pass and i was really scared . I passed 25 lessons approximately in 2 semesters .I am sure that it is only me that had made that accomplishment :P :Phaha!I am very proud of m self .And that means i am getting my degree on February.During 2011 many nice things happened and i am really thankful . I went in many fashion shows , i met fashion designers ,models .I was invited to many events and i am very thankful . I was on tv on January of 2011 , i was in cosmopolitan uk , i also changed my hair and you girls know how difficult is the decision !:P I do not feel that i gave my all to this blog and the things that it gave me were many as i did not give  the attention i wanted  to my blog .In 2012 i hope to make all i can to this blog , more outfit posts , more power and i feel like i owe it to it. I promise i will do more !Thank you very much for the comments or for the follow and for just watching my blog . Whatever you want to tell me or share with me do not hesitate !I want to share with you some photos of my best moments of 2011 and some new outfit photos of the last day of 2011.I wanna wish you all the best !

project with my dear friend Niki
 backstage from the tv show

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