Michael Kors summer collection at Golden Hall


 Yesterday i was invited at the  presentation of  the Michael Kors summer collection at Golden Hall in Marousi , a suburb of Athens. The clothes were amazing . We had the chance to try on the ones we loved and take a pic! I am going to tell you in details which clothes i really loved .Tell me which outfit you like !
Let me begin...

In the picture below i am wearing the gold dress by Michael Kors.I loved it ...Tell me if you like it!It is so comfy and soft.

This is a black dress below that my cousin is wearing with a brown belt .

I chose for my cousin to wear this outfit .I really loved it !

I love turquoise colour and this dress is really lovely .

I like the gold details in the black blouse in the picture below

 I love bags and this bag is really special , i am thinking of making this mine...What do you think ?

 Thank you for the invitation and for the beautiful presents ...:)

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