Discovering Your Inner Summer Goddess

Oh, summer: the perfect time to try something new! Fall in love, or discover your true self. While the air is warm, the days are long, and the atmosphere is relaxed, are you showing the world your inner style and confidence? The summer attitude can translate perfectly into your sense of fashion. Simply by wearing some of the season’s trends you can uncover your inner summer goddess. Be that woman who is confident and fun without a care in the world.


It is a well-known fact that a pair of woman’s shoes can make or break an outfit, and summertime shoes are no exception. In these high temperatures, it’s all about the sandals. There are dozens of sandal styles to choose from, depending on your mood and personal flair.

Wedges can make any outfit a powerful statement and leave you feeling like a queen with all the added height—no wonder so many celebrities have been seen sporting this trend! If you’re more a creature of comfort, flat sandals may be your way to go. Neon colors and metallic embellishments are popping up all over and a great place to experiment with these trends is on your footwear. Really make your outfit pop with some fun neon wedges.

 Nothing says ‘summer’ like the perfect sundress. Just slipping one on leaves you feeling flirty and feminine, ready to charm anyone. Delicate add-ons like lace or bows embrace your girly side, while edgier features like zippers and bold cuts make you feel fearless. However you’re feeling, a light dress is a comfortable way to show off your skin. Maxi dresses are another huge hit of summer, displayed by stars and fashionistas all over the streets. Maxi dresses are flattering to any body shape and can be found in any color or pattern—don’t be afraid to buy a few for your closet! Pair them with a small belt to accent your waist or some statement jewelry pieces to finish the look.


It just wouldn’t feel like summer without a pair of hot shades and these accessories are a great medium to express your unique style. One highly coveted style is retro shades. Whether you channel the 1950’s with a cat-eye shape or the ‘70’s with a round frame, you will add a punch of attitude to your outfit and a spring in your step.

This warm weather is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, and you may find yourself in a better mood because of it. With these fashion ideas, you’ll have no excuse to stay inside. Throw on a great pair of shoes, a dress and some shades and you’re good to go. Get out there and show yourself off!

Article by  Anya Sarre

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