Sifnos Day 1

When i was searching about where to go on vacation i knew i would pick a greek island . I think summer is GREECE. You can't go somewhere else . You just can't . When i travel abroad i do not choose the summer period .At the beginning of this summer we were searching for the right island . I have gone so many times to mykonos and i am really bored of going there . It is really nice  indeed. I have gone to santorini (do you remember ?beauty ) .At this time i was searching for real , simple beauty . When i googled sifnos i saw the real beauty . Something pushed me there ...I want to show you the real nice places there , the restaurants , the rooms and of course the island !During the first day we went to Platys Gialos beach . We stayed at Leonidas rooms which is at Kamares (guys the prices are really good we paid 100euros the 4 days 25 each day !and it is very clean), the most beautiful port of Cyclades!We rent a car from elmar  in kamares i think and we saw the whole island .
After our beach time we went to isalos restaurant . I think it is one of the things you have to go to !The food is great !Trust me ...
At the evening we trust a lady we met to go to elia and kapari . The view was incredible , the service was great and we were very pleased. It is one of the nicest restaurants in teh island .
After our time on the island as we saw all the beauties i am proud of being Greek ...Greek islands must be shown to the world...
Stay tuned for the rest ...

below the room's view

at platys gialos beach ..


                                                           AT ELIA AND KAPARI 

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