Hello September !

The summer comes to an end and fall is coming and then autumn .It is always that summer smell that you remember when september comes .  You are back home organizing your programm for the upcoming year . You remember the great times you spent during summer and you have charged your batteries . You have so many hings to do and you feel anxious . 
The sad part of September is that summer comes to an end while the good part is that you have to do so many things , you organize what you have to do and it is a new beginning for you.
As for the outfit , i love leggings and i think that it is the first clothe i wear when i little breeze comes . These days i have a jacket wihe me everytime .But here in greece September is like the 4th month of Summer so let us feel the summer a little bit more:P




andrik said...

poli wraio blog!!!!kalws se vrika!!!

Christina Georgopoulos said...

s efxrstw poli :)

Meera said...

That scarf is incredible! Amazing outfit, dear!