Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas !

Christmas …Do you feel the Christmas spirit?? I love Christmas and I love it for 3 reasons . The first one is because of the Jesus was born . The second one for the spirit of Christmas , the magical air in the atmosphere and the third one cause I have my nameday on Christmas day !
My best christmas was in NYC a year ago ! And that 's why i post the photos from then :)

This is my best time of year . I celebrate , I spread the love , I feel the spirit , I want to make something different the next year , be and celebrate with my family , friends etc . 

Do you love Christmas ?

When I was a little kid I knew that Santa Claus does not really exist but I knew that exist inside of me , metaphorically as a spirit of love . So every year I want to say sorry if I have made someone feel sad .

I hope all the people overcome difficulties , obstacles in their life . I hope we can spread the love as much as we can . Be happy  and celebrate with our beloved ones !
So happy Christmas to all of you !

And our video for those who have not seen yet :p


  1. Love it!


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  2. thank you so much girls:)!happy holidays:)


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