How I get dressed up everyday : My Secrets

Every day when I wake up I try to where something different according to my mood. I look at all my clothes , just looking , and try to imagine what I feel like wearing .That is my secret . I do not dress for the people , I dress for me . It is really important to feel your clothes not just have them . It is also important when you feel comfy with your clothes because when you don’t you look like that .
 Every day when I go out shopping and I want to buy something I always have in mind that tip . I ask myself ..If I went out after that , I would wear it  ??

If the answer is positive I buy it , If it is negative I wait to see if I miss it a lot so I come back and buy it .

That is a good tip for girls who buy many things and do not wear them .

Another tip is to make the negative parts of you positive  and I will explain what I mean . If you have put on some weight , you wear clothes in a way that  you try to hide that negative part of you .
Furthermore, when you are out and you feel clumsy or you do not feel comfortable with your clothes try to think what is the thing on you that you feel proud of ..

I remember myself back at 2008 to wear my daddy’s t-shirts just to hide some weight I put on . The great part? It became a trend !And all girls wore daddy’s t-shirts upon shorts etc!

I wear daddy’s t-shirts on a beach upon my swimming suit . I love that mix!

I get inspired by everything around me .It is not bad to be inspired but try not to look alike ..
When i was in London i used to shop in markets , Portobello , Camden and when i was in New York i used to shop in Hell's Kitchen Market and in some little shops. 
If you read my blog you must remember my post back then regarding my closet. My closet is my shelter .Thus , sometimes it becomes a nightmare because i have to tidy the closet of all the clothes and i am really lazy sometimes :P ...

What i love wearing ??

Sunglasses , vintage and eccentric sometimes :P and of course hats as you can see ...

I really love tiaras :P Imagine myself as a little prince cause all girls we hide a little princess inside us !

 The accessories are really important in my look cause i can't go out without my necklaces , rings and bracelets is like i feel naked :P . Some friends of mine really make a fool out of me ...:p

                                                    I have a secret love for eccentric pieces :P


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Christina Georgopoulos said...

τhnks so much darling :)

Margaret Cruzemark said...

You have manage to make my heart beats like crazy seeing these amazing pics with these cool clothes you are wearing!!!
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Miss Margaret Cruzemark

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