My addiction to a bag

   Hey guys !This is a very casual outfit ..I usually go to the nearest Starbucks to take my americano then go to my house and  manage some posts and work . As for the outfit , i forgot i had this zara jacket and i wore it with brown leggings and boots . I wear my necklaces and stuff which i never put out of my body when i go out . I feel naked without them as i have told you . I suppose you think : why does she wear evey time this balenciaga bag when she has so many bags? I do not know what i must tell you but this bag is the one for me! I cannot wear any other bag , it is true , i do not know what is going on . I feel so comfortable , it suits every outfit, every style . I remember when i bought it , i think 2009 ..yet nobody wore it in Greece . Then it became a trend here. I have worn it so much that the leather in clips has worn out . It carries a history around :P  Do you have a love for your Balenciaga ?Do you have a Balenciaga bag ?(i must dedicate a post with my balenciaga -bag -outfits:p /do you want ?)


Jezz Dallas said...

Drama, I like!

Margaret Cruzemark said...

Lovely look and photos!Amazing outfit girl! And GREAT BAG!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Christina Georgopoulos said...

thank u for the comments girls :)