Wrangler and Lee Press Day

Yesterday was the press day of Wrangler and Lee in Act and React . My cousin couldn't make it so i told it to my brother who denied of course , but at the end accepted my invitation to come only because we make an agreement i cannot tell you :p 
My darling Angelina Stroumpouli was there too from JUST ANGELINA  . I met  two more fellow fashion bloggers from LIMONSPECTIVE  and FASHION REACTOR. Nice meeting you girls !
Wrangler and Lee clothes were really  nice . I liked the Lee leather jacket for women and man wrangler t-shirts and of course jeans . 
We were also shooting at Act and React for LEE and Wrangler presentation, you will soon see it :)

With fashion blogger Angelina Stroumpouli from JUST ANGELINA 

My brother Dimos , so annoyed of all this ..:P

Fashion blogger Angelina Stroumpouli from JUST ANGELINA  

Loved this leather jacket !


Wrangler launches Denim Performance, the new design platform for blue jeans. Kimi Raikkonen,
Formula One champion, is ambassador for the FW13 collection.

What is Denim Performance?
Launching in FW13, Denim Performance is Wrangler’s new design platform for jeans and outerwear.
Functional and future-focused, Denim Performance revitalizes the details, fabrics and finishes of jeans,
shirts and jackets. The inspiration for Denim Performance came from a challenge - to improve the
functionality of jeans for the modern consumer.

Is Denim Performance FW13’s trend?
Protection is the FW13 theme, represented in water resistant fabrics, reinforced pockets, and smart
pocket solutions for mobile phone and passport. Denim Performance is Wrangler’s proprietary design
platform for men (the equivalent of Wrangler Denim Spa for women) and will continue in future
seasons, with a new theme or chapter each time.

Why Kimi Raikkonen for Wrangler Denim Performance?
Formula One is the definition of high performance. Only 20 guys in the world race these cars.
Kimi Raikkonen is a champion racer, one of the most consistent performers on the circuit, and a sublime
driver. His world is adrenaline and personal skill underpinned by genius technology.
Wrangler is the adrenaline-fuelled jeans brand, with an exceptional denim heritage built on innovation,
while Denim Performance blends technology with a stylish aesthetic. Kimi Raikkonen for Wrangler Denim
Performance is the perfect fit.

What else is new for FW13?
Greensboro is Wrangler’s “new standard” jeans fit. Named after the brand’s spiritual hometown in North
Carolina, Greensboro is regular-slim in the leg and regular in the rise - with a higher back than front - to
give a clean, contemporary look.

What’s the story with Wrangler’s outerwear?
Wrangler relaunches outerwear for FW13, investing in revitalized fabrics and details including waterproof
finishes and special pockets. Traditionally, Wrangler’s core goods have been “jeans, shirts, jackets”.
This motif is embroidered or stamped inside every coat to emphasize Wrangler’s commitment.
The relaunched outerwear collection includes waterproof parkas, a wool peacoat, field jackets and
reversible bombers. Functional and stylish, they look great with Wrangler’s iconic jeans and check or
chambray shirts.

What are the icon pieces in the Denim Performance line?
Greensboro jeans, Wrangler’s “new standard” fit, with pocketing solutions for passport & phone
in the water-resistant finish.
The Full-Function Bomber: reversible, water-resistant, packs into a travel pillow and hides a special
‘security’ pocket.
The Explorer Storm Parka: fully waterproof all-weather jacket with real down lining, smart pocket
for mobile phone, tablet, pocket and bottle-opener.
“I like working with experts. I work with experts in motor racing. And Wrangler are experts in theworld of jeans.” – Kimi Raikkonen


Angelina Stroumpouli said...

τέλειες φωτογραφίες! για τα ρούχα δεν χρειάζεται να πω, τα έχουμε πει ήδη!

Katerina Verigka said...

Καλησπέρα! πολύ ωραίο το blog σου και οι στυλιστικές σου επιλογές! Καλή συνέχεια με χαμόγελο και αισιοδοξία!

Κατερίνα από το

Christina Georgopoulos said...

s efxrstw para poli katerina m!n eisai kala k n dineis pada sumvoules gia positive thinking :)filiaa