I love this outfit . I think that it is really comfortable and awsome . The skirt i am wearing is a t-shirt :P , yeah i am not kidding  I am wearing my t-shirt as a skirt . I do it all the time in my house because it is really comfortable . I will show you some tips next time if you want . This day we sit in Radevou kafe in the port . 
We went for shopping and we found that absolutely breathtaking ancient armor !Amazing !
Have you ever been to Nafplio ?And if so , what do you like from Nafplio ?

hawaianas flip flops 
louis vuitton bag 
i love  nyc t-shirt from new york 

marc jacobs sunglasses
dkny bag 
hawaianas flip flops 
zara dress 


Call me M said...

Ah I love Nafplio! It's one of my favorite Greek cities, and if I lived closer, I would have been there all the time! I love walking through Old Town.
You both look lovely!
Thank you for commenting on my blog! :)

Christina Georgopoulos said...

hey call me m !thanks for the comment !yes it is really beautiful and i cannot wait to go back there :)