Second day in Nafplio

The second day in Nafplio was really relxing . My cousin Christoula and Minas were about to come the other day . So we were looking forward for it ! I love Nafplio so much . I think it is the best solution for everyone you wants to relax away from the city and not travel for many hours . By car is approximately 1 our from Athens so it is really close to the city . It has many beaches  but you must have a car to go to them , my favourite is  Kandia Beach -Mparaki  and Konduli. Tolo in my opinion is to rent a boat like this one  and discover the beauty of sea .
To the post now , this skirt is not actually a skirt , it was a dress which i wore many many years ago. My mother was about to throw it away , so i keep it and rip it !And i made it a skirt ! I adore diy !I think you can make a new clothe out of an old one !
The negative thing about nafplio was that i couldn't swim (girls would understan ) , only the last 2 days ...:(

 bag by balenciaga 
diy skirt 

nike pair of shorts
hawaianas flip flops 


Theri Ho said...

you look amazing - so casual and relaxed :)

Christina Georgopoulos said...

thank you so much theri ho !
i saw your blog and loved it so ifollowed you !
keep in touch

tonia said...

teleies photos kai aftes tu gianni !

ελευθερία said...

πολύ ωραία ιδέα να κόψεις ένα παλιό φόρεμα , η μεταποίηση ειδικά την περίοδο αυτή είναι ότι πιο καλό για να μη χαλάμε και πολλά χρήματα . τέλειο !

Christina Georgopoulos said...

s efxrstw tonia , eleftheria m exeis dikio !tha t petaga alitheia , alla d mu aresei n petaw tpt , ta dinw eite ta metapoiw an mporw!nmzw oti vgike mia xara !