Still in Athens

Still in Athens , waiting for my vacations ,my little vacations due to really busy scedule . I was used to have many many vacations but this year ,this summer i had so many things to prepare for september i did not have the time for vacations . My other house in Nafplio is waiting for me though and i am so looking forward to going there on Thursday to relax and enjoy my precious and little vacations . The sun is shinning here in Athens. This is a simple outfit for everyday , for going for coffee at a Starbucks near your house , for going out when you have not the time to find anything to wear , when you are not in the mood of trying or preparing an outfit . Just wear a shirt and a t-shirt , grab your label bag and yousunglasses and you are ready to go !
I am watching many videos in Youtube about making an outfit or other things ,if you want me to do something like that, leave a comment !:) What do you want to see on this blog ?
My cousin , is in Serifos now and next in Spetses so you can see her in fb and here on the blog !

strativarious t-shirt 
zara shirt 
hawaianas flip flops 
cruciani bracelet 
louis vuitton handbag 

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