Third day at Nafplio

Next day in Nafplio, swimming in Kandia Beach , in Mparaki .So calm and nice . Christoula is here and friend of John Minas so i am really happy ! Christoula is really happy because when we were little girls we and our family we are at Vivari Nafplio (before we built the house )every summer all the summer . We have so many memories !My brother left Athens , it is really a pitty not to have him here . He is  a football player -remember ? So he has not a lot of free time .
These pictures depict our daily rythms in Nafplio  .Our lunch time , John's car time :P and minas relaxing !

sunglasses by
dress by zara 
bracelet by crucianni 


rita said...

amazing photos !love the place

tonia said...

exw paei ekeiiii!einai odws uperoxa !to spiti s einai teleio !

Angelina Stroumpouli said...

Happy holidays, girl! Looks like you have an amazing time, there! Enjoy yourselves!

Hugs and Kisses
(το προηγούμενο comment πήγαινε αλλού, σορρυ! Έχω χάλια ίντερνετ και το έβγαλε εδώ από λάθος, διέγραψε το!)

Christina Georgopoulos said...

thank you angelinaki !happy holidays to you too!vlepw k si pernas teeeeleiiaa!!
lots of kisses !
see u soon darling !