September vs Summertime

Confused ?With so many pictures with brunette , blonde you cannot even know who is who :p  . Yes me and my cousin we both changed hair colours through the years . Know i am the blonde she is the brunette . 
Summertime memories ...Now that summer officially ended , we look back and think about our summertimes ,see  some shots of our summers . Many photos , i know , we have not even managed to organize them into lots of files . 
Anyway , as i said to the previous article september is a difficult month for all of us . To go back to school , to go back to work , to find a work , to establish your life , to change things , to decide what to do , to do a master and boarden your horizons , to do different stuff , to start a diet . 
So at the end of September new things will come . I will have a giveaway in my blog , so stay tuned and is a good one though, it is something i want to give it to you from the things i have to thank you about being here with me all these years and encourage me to go on and explore blogging more and more. This blogging experience has given me so many things through the years and now i wanna make changes you will see for the blog and for me ..Stay focused !My cousin, Christoula came as you have already seen from the previous posts with me in my blog experience , so we are 2 now in LIFE IN STYLE . The person i want to be with me is my brother, here   , and   here  but he really snobs it ..he is a football player and Maybe you should make a comment if you want him here to persuade him at some point :P Help me do that :P

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Angelina Stroumpouli said...

Keep up the good work, girl!
It's all about loving what you do!

Many kisses
Angelina -