Are you afraid of Midi skirts ?

Midi Skirts and dresses are dominating the catwalks . We have been seeing them three years in a row. They have appeared on the runways of fashion week in New York, London, Paris and Milan.

However , I must say that they are a problem for many women . They are afraid to wear them because it is so difficult to match them .
I have not worn a midi many times cause I am really afraid to.

I do think that midi lengths are harder to style because of their length . What does this mean ?  I hold the opinion that they often require heeled footwear. My one no-no is to wear flats with a midi skirt.
But if you feel comfortable with that and looks nice on you I am ok but usually they do not. Why I said this ? Because i generally think that we can wear anything if we can support it .

Yet I believe that midis can look extremely elegant if the rest outfit looks good.

Minis on the other hand are fine for leisure time, but they seldom work in an office environment.

 Midies ,are  for sophisticated, refined and total chic look .

So I tried to wear my old Raxevsky midi skirt and i combined it with a  t –shirt and a variety of 3 jackets . A more formal jacket , a leopard jacket and a fur . Of course I tried heels and to show a more sexier look I wore red heels.

Are you afraid of midies ?


balenciaga bag 
zara black jacket 
neu leopard jacket bought from london 
raxevsky skirt 
faux fur by h and m 
persol sunglasses 


Anonymous said...

you are so right , very nice post and i love your fur !

κωσταντίνα said...

teleeeiiioooo t outfit me ti gouna alla kai ta alla mou aresoun ..exeis dikio padws s afta pou les kai egw fovamai na foresw midi foustes nomizw oti tha deixnoun xalia panw mou

Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

Cool pics!!
The skirt looks great!!
And your hair are so amazing!!

There is a new post in my blog!!

αντριάννα said...

οντως και εγω τα φοβάμαι , ωραία το έχεις συνδυάσει !