A review of an internship : when people lie about you.

This post is different from the others ….Doesn’t include fashion or style tips but it I something more than that. INTEGRITY.
To make the long story short, I am doing my master’s in Deree college –I will talk about it in another post- and I got an internship in a PR agency and I felt so lucky to start implementing what I studied and trying to get in the work field. Each one of us is fighting in life. But fighting with integrity and honesty is very difficult, really difficult these days. 
The truth is that i have undergone many unfair situations and i am not here to critize these people.I forgive them for all of these, nevertheless i am not the one who will critisize them at the end. And that thing they must have in mind.

. I was really happy before I go and I went there with great expectations, with eager to learn -without getting paid of course.I imagined myself learning from great people who have been working in the industry for many years..
Unfortunately, things did not turn as I had imagined.

The pivotal key element is the behavior which it is very crucial to the orchestration of a company.
And let aside the fact that the key part of PR is communication .
But the thing I know and I have learned from my family is integrity, honesty, emotional intelligence and a typical behavior to other people even if other people most of the times are behaving in a wrong way. 

We live in a world full of people who are not aware of these words, they do not know what they mean. We all have problems in our lives, Greece in general has problems. It is not the politics’ fault only. If each one of us does not know how to behave, criticize the others when they do not criticize themselves first, then the world / our country will not succeed in anything.
I feel sad because I was waiting to see ‘’big’’ people and I felt so sad.

I do not want to describe the behavior. I do not want to utilize any word, really any word to describe their position. It is not of my character.The thing that I want to say is that I feel really sorry. I was really sad when i listen that this woman told lies to a person who i respect . Why is she doing it? Really i am really sad about her because she is a great woman and she can be even greater and ‘bigger’ but she pushes herself down and became one of the ‘small’ people.
We made choices in our life who make us what we are. Likewise these people  ....and I made my choice.
There is always time to become better…maybe it is your time to change and even help the next people who come to make their internship there. Remember being in their shoes…in their age and fighting to build your own little or big  dreams in life AS WE the young people try to do now- despite all the difficulties-. There are many and more serious problems you may encounter in your life. You do not know the situation of  mine, what i am undergoing , what problems i have .However, we do not give up, or at least when we feel down we stand up.
I am not writing this for me but  at least if i can make people have a second thought about giving chances to the next young people (not telling lies and defamate anyone in order to appear superior ...because it is not superiority this is ...in greek μικρανθρωπιά..) who will come for an internship....Help them, do what you hadn't done to me.

With defamation and lies you cannot go forward in your life. Maybe i am nothing to you , maybe i do not know anything but the thing i know is integrity and never go on dead bodies in order to succeed.

Some people want lies in order to breath and make full of others in order to push themselves.
I know what i did there .
However you made your choice. To tell lies about a person who do not even know you personally , or has any personal thing with you and let aside the fact that you continue telling lies outside of the work field. I feel so sorry. So disappointed...Really...
During these days of the big explosion of bullying i tend to see situations (not in the school environments , but in society in general!) Things that reflect a lot and are types of  bullying. If we lose our voice then this country , this world, ourselves would remain silent and cannot fix anything! And  for the people who face this type of bullying in society and in general with defamation , lies and slander i clearly object!We will not let any other people face situation. I do not care for me , i care for the people who will be next in the position i was and for the person who lied about me to my professor? I m trying to show her that she does not make harm to me but to herself.

You can tell me what you want , you can make full of me , i am not going to do anything even if i know the lies. Defamation of anyone can lead to a lawsuit,.But i am not this kind of person. I do not believe in this justice. I believe in another justice.
 There is some Other more powerful than you are , who saw all this things happening to me.And He will judge you...

And an advice i can give ...

And one last thing to be fair , i would like to thank my professor for her help and also the general manager of the pr company i was who i really admire and really respect.


Anonymous said...

μπραβο κοπελα μου αυτο ειναι επιπεδο ! για αυτό σε πάω γιατί είσαι αληθινή και τρομερά καλή κοπέλα με όλους. Αλλά να ξέρεις οτι αυτό πάντα δεν ειναι καλο .....Για να ασχολουνται ολοι σημαινει οτι αξιζεις . Γιατι πραγματικα αξιζεις. Ισμηνη

Anonymous said...

se diavazw xronia, pragmatika afti ti stigmi me ekanes na suginithw ...ena megalo mpravo gia tin oikogeneia s tis arxes soy kai oti den to vazeis katw ..ti n pw egw sti thesi s tha eixa kanei tromera pragmata, k o kathenas dld n leme k tu stravou t dikio ! mpravo s!

natasa said...

i am really amazed by your honest way of telling things. I am really amazed by your true behavior and your position. You have really something on you! I am with you!

nick said...

hey christina ! you remember me from london? the pr firm you were ? what happened to you? This is impossible , this things happen to greece ?? that's why greece will not go ahead ...you are one of a kind , call me skype !