Some weeks ago I received  an email from  Erica who told me many nice things about my blog and she asked me and my blog to be an object for research in her dissertation.
I was really happy , I answered the questions and I would like to show her to you and wish her good luck at her thesis !
This is the greatest thank you for the years I am blogging and this is what matters the most ! Help people , inspire people and do something different. 
I want to wish her good luck to her dissertation and to her endevours in her life :) !

Let's see who Erica is !

My name is Erika, I am a Canadian student of International Fashion Management at The Amsterdam Fashion Institute. 
I am currently writing a thesis on the empowerment of blogging through agency and culture, and I would be extremely interested in asking you a few questions to help develop my research. I read that you had developed your blog around an essay you had to write during your bachelors, which is technically what I'm having to do now with my own thesis and discover other bloggers experiences with blogging. Your blog Life in Style is really fun to explore, you have a very creative style but you are especially good at sharing links of cool shops in order for others to draw inspiration. Its amazing how you have managed to grow your blog, because of this I was wondering if you would like to help me out?

Well to answer your question about myself; like i said I am studying International Fashion Management at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, but to be quite honest I don't see myself following this path and developing a career in management or production.

Now it is an intriguing sector however at the moment I disagree with the environmental standards that most companies exercise when it comes to mass production.

Though many companies are trying to make a positive change in regards to this issue, I don't believe my level of interest is strong enough to help contribute to a positive growth in sustainable fashion production.

However, I have grown a strong appreciation for marketing and its potential to encourage people to live by healthier standards and become more aware of lifestyles and products that share in this belief.
I think that marketing is a domain that better suits my own personal drive and way of being. I think that the power of honest marketing is what pushed me to research the effects of blogging and the level of independence a blogger has to express their own ideals.

Well thats me in short, when it comes to work related aspirations. And besides, I'm overall someone who is a bit of a health freak, love cooking, baking and doing yoga!

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