Soufeel x Life In Style

 Soufeel is one of the largest eshop around the world. When i recieved the package from Soufeel I felt really excited because i love charms and bracelet. This eshop gives you the opportunity to make your own bracelet and pick your favorite charms! They have a great variety of bracelets and charms and this is what it makes them unique. I haven't encountered an eshop like that before. The bracelet that i picked from Soufeel is really awesome. If you want you can pick many charms and mix and match them. Especially during the summer they are a very unique jewelry for mixing your outfit , your dress or making a bohemian look combining it with other bracelets !


linda said...

Good contents!love those sweet items. about dresses from

wedding gown said...

You look amazing in this look..Love the bracelet as well